plodes® Rounded Series Wall Plates

plodes® Rounded Series Wall Plates

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3d printed wall plates.

plodes® Rounded Series Wall Plates are a complete system of rounded electrical wall plates that are a visually softer, more balanced approach that adds a subtle design detail to your own interior design or architectural project. Wall plates for commonly available hardware rarely venture beyond the rectilinear and are largely ignored. Plodes® Rounded Series Wall Plates become a statement against the norm and are available for Toggle Switches, Duplex Outlets, Decora Outlets+Switches, and blank configurations.  Assorted colors and finishes also available.

Details & Dimensions

  • dimensions vary; based on 4.63" diameter circle
  • 3d printed Bio-degradable polymer PLA (polylactic acid) plastic
  • Many combinations of plugs and switches
  • White color standard
  • Other colors available for volume orders
  • Made in the USA
  • FREE SHIPPING for all continental US orders

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