Due to the advent of digital photography and smartphones, we seemingly have the freedom to capture infinite photographs. To choose only one image for the prime real estate of traditional frames is difficult, static, and limited. Plodes® tag is a beautiful and effective systematic approach to display and interact with a multitude of easily interchangeable pictures at any given moment. Based around the common 4x6 photograph print, each Plodes® tag consists of 3 acrylic picture holders, in either portrait or landscape orientations, that are hung on a wooden wall mounted dowel. Its modularity allows for endless possibilities for displaying and interacting with your photos on your wall. Shuffle, rearrange, give away, you’ve been tagged in a photo.

TAG1: 4”W x 8”H;  TAG2: 6”W x 6”H;  Included dowel: 1.25”Diam x 3”  |  Handcrafted oak dowel and acrylic picture holder|  Available for landscape and portrait 4x6 photos|  Each unit sold contains 3 picture holders in 1 orientation and 1 dowel with hardware