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plodes studio is a Texas based multidisciplinary design firm that draws from a coalescence of art, product, and architectural design.  Our products are original, minimal, and distilled with rigorous process to a balanced purity.

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plodes® Barnacles reintroduced via 3D printing: available now

Our Barnacle storage vessels were first designed and offered in 2003 with the marketing help of Metropolis Magazine’s first Design Next competition exhibition at ICFF in New York.  Up until now, each vessel was handmade of gel coated glass fibre and paint within a multistep process including the use of molds with limited life spans that were themselves produced from wooden patterns.

With the advent of 3D printing becoming more relevant and accessible, we have been exploring the possibility of 3D printing objects of a larger more useful scale as product instead of prototype.  Therefore we are proud to reintroduce a more eco conscious Barnacle storage vessel set available now.

The new Barnacles are 3D printed within our own studio by using a large format printer capable of a 2’x2’x2’ build area using fused filament fabrication technology.  Each set of 3 takes an impressive 35 hours to complete, a feat unto itself.  The Barnacles are offered in white with an array of color options for volume orders using a strong bio degradable PLA plastic.  With a limited stock, most volume orders will be made on demand. Made in USA.

Buy the new Barnacles here.

plodes® Barnacle 3D printing lapse video

Tidskriften RUM + plodes geometric firepit