plodes® studio is a Texas based multidisciplinary design firm that draws from a coalescence of art, product, and architectural design.


John Paul Plauché and Roya Plauché launched plodes® studio in 2005 as their own design platform for inspirations found in the everyday and everything therein.  Coming from two different origins, John from Texas USA and Roya from Iran, the pair met while studying architecture at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston.  After Roya’s further education at Columbia University and John’s exploration of various product design concepts, they began working together positioning the newly founded plodes® studio as a multidisciplinary design studio at an intersection of art, industrial design, and architecture.

“For both of us the stories of our childhood and culture become a layer in our design ideology, playing a role in the background as we sketch new ideas.  The architecture we grew up with, the products we encountered, family, education, and the environments we have lived in, all have affected the way we design together,” says Roya.

The bulk of their product and furniture designs are made locally to their Texas based studio with the most minimal of gestures and processes.  “Our concepts,” explains John, “sometimes present themselves from the most obscure inspirations or flash of thought.  From there we curate, reinterpret, and coax them out with rigorous process to distill them down to a balanced purity.”

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plodes® studio offers a process of design.  We create.

Research and reinterpreting information can give insight.  Considering real world materials, limits, economics, behaviors, processes, and how to manipulate them informs further.  One must look at all of these things while understanding how design translates and interacts with the end user.

Identifying and understanding needs so we can creatively reinterpret them is our focus.  Our designs communicate a clear conceptual intent infused with collaborative process and meaning.

We work hard to create simplistic but meaningful solutions through a nurturing process of collaboration rather than an imposed rushed conclusion.  Our designs execute clear, concise, creative solutions that work.




The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners has jurisdiction over individuals licensed under the Architects' Registration Law, Texas Civil Statutes, Article 249a.  TBAE  P.O. Box 12337, Austin, Texas 78711-2337 or 333 Guadalupe, Suite 2-350, Austin, Texas 78701-3942,  (512) 305-9000  (512) 305-9000 ,


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